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Exposing Myself runs weekends

October 19
November 24, 2002,

with performances at

8PM Saturdays
7PM Sundays.

Tickets for "Exposing Myself" are available , please call
(323) 856-4200

The making of video and Soundtrack of EXPOSING MYSELF is available for purchase.

email gl@c2centertainment.com to request more information about obtaining your copy.

VIDEO $10.00
CD $10.00
CD/VIDEO: $18.00


Copyright 2002
C2C Entertainment Group


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C2C Entertainment is proud to present...EXPOSING MYSELF

Scott Borden, a Generation X Charlie Brown, is forced to undergo court-ordered therapy after a hilarious teenage mishap brings about a run-in with the law. Throughout his sessions, Scott shares with his therapist a mess of wildly entertaining stories and the comical trials and tribulations that led up to his couch-warming duties. With a revolving door of wacky characters, a blossoming romance, and a Walter Mitty-like musical fantasy, Borden blends solo performance, original songs, audience participation, and a squad of sexy showgirls to tell his semi-autobiographical story. Both humorous and thought provoking, “Exposing Myself” is a tale of how one young man learns to cope with his troubles and find happiness along the way.
For more information visit www.C2Centertainment.com/exposingmyself

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