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C2C Sponsorship and Marketing

12 Beliefs of C2C Entertainment

1.) The medium communicates a message (strategically select your media mix)
2.) Develop media plans in conjunction with the creative
3.) Deliver messages to the right people in the right place at the right time
4.) Memorable campaigns never came from a formula (break the rules)
5.) Don't be afraid to create new media channels and concepts
6.) Immerse media and messaging into consumer environments
7.) Impact all senses (feel, sight, taste, smell and sound)
8.) Leverage 'call-to-action' tactics
9.) Research and knowledge is key to executing successful media campaigns
10.) Strategic media planning is both an art and a science
11.) Frequency creates and sustains consumer memory
12.) Produce synergy, where the total effect appears to be greater than the parts

Product Placement::
Integrate brands and products into magazine content, video games, music videos, rap lyrics, cartoons, comic books, novels, and other nontraditional media vehicles. Integrating products into nontraditional entertainment properties such as video games, music lyrics, and magazine content can offer higher brand credibility among young consumers than that of paid advertisements. Product placement advertising can be targeted to reach specific audiences!

Authentic and relevant event sponsorships that lend credibility, affinity and loyalty to brands. Customized event sponsorship packages that powerfully connect brands with trendsetting events, youth subcultures, Influencers, music venues, and youth-based competitions. Based on local market intelligence, C2C Entertainment develops youth marketing sponsorship packages that impress target audiences, integrate brand themes, and meet marketing objectives. Sponsorships include opportunities for product displays, signage, product demos, advertising event promotion materials, product sampling,Online Sponsorship and other creative youth marketing media.


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